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Brittle Bone Disease and Child Bone Disease in Georgetown, Texas


 There is no cure for Brittle Bone disease but there are therapy options and equipment that can help correct some of the symptoms. WIth your donation, you can help us prevent and correct:

• Fractures
• Physical Therapy
• Wheelchairs
• Braces
• Custom Made Equipment
• Extensive Surgical and Dental Procedures

Your donation may contribute to the cost of rodding and other surgical procedures which can prevent subsequent fractures.

Fiona Rose Murphey, Child Bone Disease in Georgetown, TX

New Hope

An experimental drug called Zolondronic acid, administered intravenously, has given hope to many in several OI cases. Fiona gained more energy and was rid of the back pain she suffered with this drug, a bi-phosponate drug, similar to treating osteoporosis. Learn more of the current OI research, directed toward gene therapy, embryonic stem cells, and other research grants from The National O.I. Foundation.


Contribute to our nonprofit organization and provide assistance financially and emotionally to parents with OI children who are facing:

• Lifetime of Expenses • Emotional Ups and Downs • Long Hospital Stays, Physician Visits, and Therapy Sessions • Special Educational Needs

Nonprofit Organization in Georgetown, Texas

Fiona Rose Murphey Foundation Charitable Trust

Named after Fiona Rose Murphey, granddaughter of Michael Martin Murphey and daughter of Ryan and Francie Murphey, who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta; our Foundation contributes to other children with similar diseases with continuing medical needs.  Fiona has endured multiple fractures of arms and legs since birth. She was diagnosed with a broken collarbone, arm, femur and several broken ribs in utero. After having her leg bones rodded several times, she was also on an experimental drug called Pamidronate, to help strengthen her bones.   Fiona has just recently  undergone some very serious back surgery to help correct the curvature of her spine.   She had severe scoliosis with an 80-90 degree curve, but thanks to Dr. Steven  Lovejoy at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee he was able to correct this to a 45 degree curve, a 50% correction. The xrays are quite remarkable. The surgery took over 10 hours and Fiona was in the hospital for over a week.   She is recovering very well but will not be able to leave the house, except for visits to the doctor, for 12 weeks and then limited activity for one year.   Its going to be a long haul, but she is in good spirits and the surgery has added about 3” to her height so that is awesome.  One of her hopes was to reach 4’ in height as an adult and thanks to the surgery she is now exactly 4’ at age 14.

Charitable Trust, Nonprofit Organization in Georgetown, TX


Fiona is attending Hume Fogg High Academic High School in Nashville as well as playing trumpet in the band, most OI children are exceptionally intelligent and lead productive lives.

Meet Fiona, a magnet for kids and adults alike, who will draw you in with her spirit, imagination, and sunny disposition. Fiona plays with the Able basketball program, is involved with Saddle Up™, a therapeutic horseback riding program, and is also involved in the Vanderbilt® Dayoni Swim Center, for aquatic therapy.

Charitable Trust

Our expense-ratio is almost zero and our administrative expenses are minimal, so all of the money can go to the children. We try our best to help children in wheelchairs enjoy their childhood. We also donate to St. Jude™ to improve children's quality of life, by sponsoring individual therapeutic programs.

All monetary requests are approved by a three member panel that is unrelated to the Murphey Family. Panel Members Include:

•Julie Smith, Attorney, Dallas, TX
• Lisa Harless, Vice President Regions Bank™, Nashville, TN
• Jayne Perkins, Former President Easter Seals™, Nashville, TN

Our Trustees:

• Michael Martin Murphey, President and Trustee
• John Wayne Dowers, Trustee

• Diana Hobson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee


Apply Today For a Helping Hand

Contact us by e-mail to apply for funds and application forms. Send your donation checks to our Texas address and be assured that your donations are fully tax deductible. Recently, at a show where Michael Martin Murphey performed, a Wildfire™ guitar was auctioned off for $6,000, with half the proceeds going to the trust.

Contact us at (855) 437-6350 in Georgetown, Texas, to apply for funds or make donations at our nonprofit organization.